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Wisdom Moon Publishing, a nonprofit literary and educational publisher, is dedicated to offering creative, original books that foster an inspired appreciation of our life experiences, of our relationships with others, and of our world. See also our more detailed Mission Statement.

Our publishing house is designated by the IRS as 501(c)(3) tax exempt. Contributions are tax-deductible to donors under US Tax law.


Patronage is a venerated role that those in a position to support the arts have practiced for centuries. This aid to those showing inspiration, talent, and creativity allowed some of the great cultural contributions to all, lasting centuries beyond the lives of both patron and artist.

In today’s world, the functions of patrons have been inherited by those inspired to support the creativity of contemporaries. These funcctions are often carried out as gifts or direct financial support, but also by donations that are tax-deductible, in terms of the modern concept of governmental income taxes.

In this current context, Wisdom Moon Pubishing is now a nonprofit corporation, with its status as a federal tax-exempt organization being determined by the IRS. We will update this information when appropriate.

We invite all those who wish to support the work of Wisdom Moon Publishing by being patrons and donors to let us know of your interest and to consider the level of financial support that you would like to provide.

These contributions will allow us to continue with our mission and our work. Thank you for considering this possibility here. Every contribution will be greatly appreciated, and as mentioned above, these are are tax-deductible to donors under US Tax law.

More on specifics about IRS tax-exemption information and on direct donating, just below.


There are a number of expenses that the IRS recognizes as deductions for the filing of taxes. Your tax consultant may have specific information for you. As a general overview, the IRS gives a summary of current tax regulations at IRS Deductions Information. Perhaps somewhat less opaque is the information at Fidelity Charitable Information. Note in particular that four kinds of expenses are so recognized: not only for charitable donations (as those to Wisdom Moon Publishing, Inc.), but also for prescription drug costs and other medical/psychotherapy and dental expenses, for home mortage interest payments, and for state and local taxes. Of course, records of these expenses should be kept for tax review purposes.


There are several ways to donate directly to Wisdom Moon Publishing, Inc. These have the advantage of having the amount sent be the same as the amount received. If you opt for this path, please send us an email so that we can verify the receipt of the monies involved.


There are several services that do not charge anything for their transferring monies, including interbank transactions. Many banks with branches across the USA use Zelle services, with a direct link to Zelle. This is the preferred routing of electronic transfers for now. To use this service, you would address transfers of funds to metta@wisdommoonpublishing.com (as the Zelle recipient). There should be an option to make a one-time transfer or—for those who wish to become Sustaining Members—to set up repeating transfers for various amounts at chosen frequencies.

For individual help, agents at your banking instition may well have information and guidance for you about their services that offer fee-free inter-bank transfers of funds.

Note that other similar services may be useful, especially once the specifics of their operations and their reliability are individually evaluated. For a comparative presentation of a number of interbank transfer services, see Comparison of 11 Best Ways to Send Money.

If you would prefer to use a means of payment that is not included here, we are happy to work with you on that. Please contact us at info@wisdommoonpublishing.com.


Donations can also be made by a bank check or money order, which should be sent directly to Wisdom Moon Publishing, Inc. The mailing address is:

Wisdom Moon Publishing, Inc.
864 Grand Ave., #434
San Diego, CA 92109

Thank you very much for considering these options.



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