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Wisdom Moon Publishing, a nonprofit corporation, is dedicated to offering creative, original books that foster an inspired appreciation of our life experiences, of our relationships with others, and of our world. See also our more detailed Mission Statement.


Please cconsider our comments on Self-publishing: Its Pros and Cons, in the current sense of self-p[ublishing as the process of having a company print and publish the text an author wants to translate into a book, to provide a context that may be of particular interest to some authors.

The information given on the WMP web pages From Idea to Book and Submit Your Work (see menu to the left) can provide an initial sense of what might be involved in our work together in producing a book that we will both be quite satisfied with.

Let us assume that everything goes along to completion, step by step. In most cases, we will be able to complete this process within a year, if you are prompt and present for the work at hand. In this case, what steps are involved in publishing your book here?


Preliminary steps:
1. Read the information in these web pages and just below.
2. Contact WMP about your work.
3. Submit the material that we request.
4. WMP will review your material.
5. WMP will decide if your work fits with our Mission Statement and if we want to publish it.
6. If yes, we will discuss the options offered so you can decide which you want. Options are indicated briefly in the table below. Details on request.
7. Once decided, the contracts will be prepared and completed, with fees paid. Example: our estimate of the costs to publish a book with Hemingway options is $4,300.00. Options chosen define author investment.

Preparing the text:
1. WMP will give you basic information about the presentation and formatting of your manuscript (MS), which will become your book, along with further guidance, according to the options you choose.
2. WMP will review your full MS and together we will evaluate the MS and do editing, to the extent defined by the options you choose.
3. WMP will work to guide the process of formatting the MS for publication.
4. Within 3 months, you will provide WMP with a polished MS that you are ready to see in print.

Preparing for printing:
1. WMP will do the final proofreading of the final, polished MS.
2. WMP will submit the final product to the author for approval.
3. If there are any last-minute typos or other minor changes to be made, this is done now.
4. WMP will prepare the text (and the approved cover design) in formatting required by the printer, and upload the files.
5. WMP will verify the technical quality of the work with a printed proof copy of the book (and of the ebook with an eproof of it, if relevant).

Publication and distribution:
1. The book (and eBook, if relevant) will be published.
2. The book will be made available world-wide through our distribution services.
3. Links to bookstores in more than 25 countries will be given on WMP's website.

The fruits of labor begin:
1. The author will begin receiving income from the sale of books.

Examples of Publishing Options (SUMMER 2019 SPECIAL PRICING)
  Hemingway       $1,250 Asimov   $1,350 DaVinci   $1,500 Shakespeare      $1,750
Review of manuscript within 6 weeks           ✓      ✓       ✓           ✓
Formatting and editing      Basic   Basic   Basic    Extensive
Final proof-reading           ✓       ✓       ✓           ✓
ISBNs assigned           ✓       ✓       ✓           ✓
US Library of Congress registration           ✓       ✓       ✓           ✓
Cover design creation      Basic   Basic   Deluxe      Deluxe
Printed proof of book verified           ✓       ✓       ✓           ✓
Book publication           ✓       ✓       ✓           ✓
Eproof of ebook verified       None       ✓       ✓           ✓
Ebook publication       None   Basic   Basic      Deluxe
US Copyright Office registration           ✓       ✓       ✓           ✓
Complimentary copies of book          2      4      5          7

Decisions about which options best match your interests will be made before the contracts are prepared.

Our time-frame for publishing a book is one year (or less), assuming timely cooperation in discussing and working on the issues we will address collaboratively.

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