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REVIEWS: Mindful Raft over Troubled Waters

Mindful Raft over Troubled Waters
Mitchell D. Ginsberg

Text length: 142 pdf pages (6" x 9")
Softcover ISBN: 978-1-938459-49-8    $15
eBook ISBN: 978-1-938459-51-1    $12


Mindful Raft over Troubled Waters is a precise, simple and clear practical book on the development of non-judgmental, choiceless and insightful awareness that leads to the complete evolution of consciousness.
Dhiravamsa, International Vipassana Meditation Master, Grand Canary Island, Spain, author of Healing through Pure Mindfulness, Nirvana Upside Down, The Way of Non-attachment, The Middle Path of Life, and Una nueva visión del Budismo.

If you’re going to spend a year alone on an island, I would recommend you take Mindful Raft over Troubled Waters along with you. But if you are living the way most of us do, this book may be even more important for you to read. It has been so for me and still is.
Why? Because each time I read even a few lines, it has an immediate and magical effect of transporting me home to my true being. The simplicity and clarity of these words allow me to see things simply, as they are, without all the turmoil and dramas of my mind. So reading from this book helps me remember what’s real — and forget all the rest.

Morgana Taylor, Totnes, Devon, UK.

These essays, like letters from a wise spiritual friend, emphasize the respect and kindness that are central to the heart’s spiritual awakening

Jack Kornfield, author of Living Dharma, A Path With Heart, The Wise Heart, and A Lamp in the Darkness.

To Vipassanā practice, certainly different approaches are possible and desirable; and certainly yours of “soft Vipassanā” can be helpful and effective. Those who are helped by it, may then feel encouraged to take up a stricter regimen.
Nyānapyonika Mahāthera, Forest Hermitage, Kandy, Sri Lanka, author of The Heart of Buddhist Meditation.

The Venerable Mahāsī Sayādaw believes that your approach to Vipassanā Meditation is basically correct. You have done great work for the progress of the Vipassanā Meditation.

Mahāsī Sayādaw, Sāsana Yeiktha, Buddha Sāsana Nuggaha Organization, Rangoon, Myanmar (formerly Burma), and author of Satipatthāna Vipassanā: Insight through Mindfulness, The Progress of Insight (with original Pāli text, Visuddhi-ñāna-kathā), and Practical Insight Meditation; in communication conveyed by his personal secretary, Dr. U Ba Glay.

Contemplation articulated, insight and concern expressed, it is as though getting in touch with a place within our own minds.

Tenzin Kachö Kiyosaki, Certified Hospice Chaplain, Buddhist Teacher, life coach, spiritual counselor, and author of Precious Life: Three Points to Finding Happiness Even in Turbulent Times. Ordained by H. H. the Dalai Lama and remained a Buddhist nun for 27 years.

It is indeed a remarkable contribution for those on the path of awakening and a good book for those who keep abreast of the Vipassanā technique and its application in daily life.
Ajit R. Telang, Dilip, vol. 27, no. 4 (quarterly journal published by Sudakshina Trust, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, India).


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