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Wisdom Moon Publishing, a nonprofit corporation, is dedicated to offering creative, original books that foster an inspired appreciation of our life experiences, of our relationships with others, and of our world. See also our more detailed Mission Statement.


This may be the beginning of a mutually fulfilling venture. Details follow here immediately.

Please read over the material given throughout this web site. This will give you a good sense of whether there is a good match between your manuscript and Wisdom Moon Publishing. You may begin by considering the information given in the Mission Statement.

If you wish to have WMP consider your work for publication, the next step would be to contact us directly, with the Contact Us link given in the menu on the left. We deal directly with authors.

In doing so, please let us know the present state of your work.

For example, give some specifics about your manuscript, such as its topic or field of interest, its style (poetry, essay, fiction, history, biography, etc.), and some of key features, from your own perspective and in your own words. Or, you may have a manuscript that you consider to be in publishable form. If so, please indicate its style and also its length, as in a word-count. Or perhaps you consider your manuscript to be ready for proofreading and final editing.

If you have an idea about a book that appeals to you, please let us know, although it will take work to transform an idea into a book, as we discuss more in the web page From Idea to Book, a link for which is given in the menu on the left. Inspiration and perspiration, as has been said, are both part of the creative process, to paraphrase Thomas Edison loosely.

Please also include a résumé of the book and of yourself as author, each in 100-150 words, or less.

If you wish to make initial contact, that may be done by writing to us at the Contact Us link in the menu on the left.

Let us know what you have, its current state toward completion, its size (or length), and specifics, in your own presentation, of how you see this work as being of potential interest to WMP. Please do not mail us a printed version of your manuscript.

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